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“Sculpture Garden”

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This painting was inspired by the rooftop gardens at my gallery in Rockland. A beautiful space, the Muir Gardens. But really that was only a launch of an idea. These sculptures are only ‘real’ within this painting. They all are parts in a story. Players on this stage, if you will, acting out a cycle of a life.

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August 12

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A simple chat at the beach.   I really like the choppiness of the brushwork. While it may be tempting to smooth everything in, in this case I wanted the fractured brushwork to add to the heat and color movement of the day.

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Here is the piece…tentatively called Dark Water, after quite a bit of reworking.   (you can see the first ‘finished’ version in a post below)  This is much more solid.  The painting before steered me too much.  While at times it is interesting to let a painting direct you to find, perhaps that you end up someplace new, in this case the painting pulled me along into a less than satisfying spot. I am building a play between realism and pattern.  Strict realism is enticing and the desire is to head that way at times but there are so many other…

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This is a painting that was ‘finished’ last summer. And yet this week while this piece was back in the studio I dug back in. I didn’t think this painting was telling the right story…or rather wasn’t telling the story in the right way. We’ll see where it goes. Last year the original idea for the painting got sidetracked by a tangent idea. Here I am trying to get back to the original concept. Also taking it away from being strictly a narrative painting while exploring a few other ideas of composition. this is last’s summer’s version.

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