October 2009


Stumbled over this site… the Wooster Collective.  An interesting collection of graffiti from around the world.  There seem to be a lot of powerful artists devoting themselves to walls.

drawing class

There is a very talented crop of new art students coming up. I am teaching a figure drawing class now in Bath and I have to say it is a thrill. Some of these students are really very good. And the daughter of a friend is putting together a portfolio for her college entrance. self-portrait

Mural website

The launch of my own new website was followed close on the heels by the new website designed for the Brunswick mural. m2The site is : www.BrunswickMural.com.

Wedding Portrait

Wedding Portrait of Helen

This classic wedding portrait was painted in a manner reminiscent of John Singer Sargent as a wedding gift to a family friend known since childhood.   The bride wears a white lace gown passed down from her mother and grandmother.