April 2011

Recently, I had a student question the idea that artists really build paintings upon complex substructures, assuming that artists are actually just painting the inspiration, conferring with the muse until it looks good. Well, um, that would be a truly dumb way to design a complex picture. While this may work fine for the simple composition in the average plein air painting or model session study, it is no way to build a complex serious studio piece. Also this makes the assumption that building the substructure is not a creative muse chatting part of the piece. On the contrary, there

A simple conversation at the beach.  *Egg/oil emulsion on panel.  19.5 x 24 inches In the collection of the artist's wife. I really like the choppiness of the brushwork. While it may be tempting to smooth and render everything in, in this case I wanted the fractured brushwork to add to the heat and color movement of the day.  I like the look of paint, when paint creates illusion but also lives on its own as brushstrokes to see. I took great care to design the composition of this piece.  The boxiness of the arms and legs in a figure eight flow, and