May 2011

Some paintings or pieces of art are snapshots--one thought, one impression, one gesture, that you want to capture, bam, on a page. I think this is where the monotypes come from. They are things I see, in my head or out, that just want to be on paper, solidified to be seen. Some ideas are more short stories or novels (yes, I know I am mixing my metaphors here). Stories with starts and finishes and plot lines. These are crafted over time, lots of studies, comp sketches, developed to make a canvas tell the story well, with color, structure, figures, mood,

This painting was inspired by the rooftop gardens at my gallery in Rockland. A beautiful space, the Muir Gardens. But really that was only a launch of an idea. These sculptures are only 'real' within this painting. They all are parts in a story. Players on this stage, if you will, acting out a cycle of a life.