October 2013

This atmospheric watercolor of a Maine churchyard by Christopher Cart was originally a cover illustration for a book about hauntings in Maine by DownEast Books.  It is a beautiful painting in its own right.  It gives us that feeling of sad beauty and eternity that Maine natives know when the last brilliant Maple leaves have fallen, and winter is waiting in the wings.

Oil portrait of a Maine activist.  The subject stands on a staircase in the Maine State House.  Her beautiful  youthful face is in contrast to her working attire and the hard surfaces of her surroundings.    The butterflies which have followed her inside add a magical touch to "Portrait of Laura."   In a private collection

Veranda, 24 x 24inches, egg emulsion, Sold Egg tempera can have a rawness if the paint is left so, not fully rendered.  At times I like to leave the brushwork with this rawness as I feel it adds energy to a piece.  If a painting is too polished and completed it is all done and a viewer doesn't get engaged.