October 2014

I have always been interested how other artist's have their studios. Are they neat and tidy? Chaotic? Eclectic? So, along this vein, I thought I would start a small series of images, when I trip over them, of other artist's studios. Here is mine to start this off. I did clean up recently, but I seem to have a lot of projects going at once and this results in, mess

For my 8 x 32 foot exterior mural, "Dance of Two Cultures" in Brunswick, Maine I used Golden heavy body acrylics.  These paints are wonderful.  This mural is now 6 and a half years old on an exterior, West facing wall in Maine.  There is a small eve at the roof but nothing that shelters this mural in the least.  So this means the paint has been exposed to 6+ years of Maine weather 365 days a year.  The wall bakes hot in the summer and endures typical winter temperatures 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below .  Blizzards, snow flurries, torrential thunderstorms

The work on figure studies for the Kennebec Courthouse mural continues.  This woman is for the crowd scene on the pier.  There will be ships and cargo behind and other pier activity pertinent to life on the Kennebec. The mural encompasses many centuries, the history of the river from earliest days to perhaps mid 20th century.  There is a lot of research in clothing styles and details of the setting

This deceptively simple ink line drawing of bathers frolicking in the surf has a clarity of line reminiscent of figures on ancient Greek pottery.  Arms akimbo, the figures celebrate the waves almost as though raising invisible offerings in their play.  

"Act II" showcases the idiosyncratic beauty of the singer/actress as she awaits the beginning of Act II in the wings, conserving her energy in the quiet of backstage, for the soon to return audience. Her pose, loose limbed and not particularly ladylike, is at interesting odds with the fluff and feather of her 1950s costume, which gives the painting its nickname, "Red Dress."

My "Dance of Two Cultures" mural in Brunswick, Maine  is 6 and half years old this fall. Yesterday I was down in Brunswick doing a little upkeep before winter.  It is an outside mural, year round in all weather but it needed surprisingly little maintenance.  The paint is very tough and the entire mural has a protective varnish as well.  It did need a little repair in a few small spots and along a few seams. First I removed the protective varnish, which is why I am wearing the gloves, BTW.  Then I moved on to fixing a few seams where the paint had