October 2014

The Studio

I have always been interested how other artist’s have their studios. Are they neat and tidy? Chaotic? Eclectic? So, along this vein, I thought I would start a small series of images, when I trip over them, of other artist’s studios.

Here is mine to start this off. I did clean up recently, but I seem to have a lot of projects going at once and this results in, mess…but it is my mess, so it’s okay.


Ghost Story Bookcover

This is another bookcover illustration, watercolor on paper. This one for a book of seacoast ghost stories.

Mural Plan for the Kennebec County Courthouse

The finished full color mural will be called “The River Road” and will be a journey through time and travel on the river.  It will be 14 x 30 feet, and will feature boats and people of the Kennebec.  For more information and the artist’s thoughts on this ongoing project, click here.

Halloween Parade Poster

A new poster designed for the Hallowell Board of Trade to advertise the fabulous 2014 Hallowell Halloween Parade.

Romantic nude oil painting of two young women in conversation

August 12

This egg tempera nude of two women sharing a deeply personal conversation on a beach in Maine glows with a light that seems to come from a beloved memory.  The colors are lushly pretty and the young women’s faces and bodies are suffused with a tender innocence.

“August 12” will remain in the collection of the artist’s wife, Jen.  A reproduction is available in our print shop.

Harbor Square Gallery Featured Artist

Rockland, Maine gallery Harbor Square is situated next to the Farnsworth Art Museum in the heart of Rockland’s busy gallery district.  Its compelling roster of artists include Imero Gobbato,  Serge Hollerbach, Leo Osborne and Cabot Lyford.  The Muir Garden For Contemporary Sculpture is located on the gallery roof, and offers stunning views of the Rockland skyline. Christopher Cart has been named Harbor Square’s featured artist for the month of October, 2014.  Also this month be sure to see work in gold and precious stones by several noted jewelers including Thomas O’Donovan.

a watercolor study for Entrouage.

a watercolor study for Entrouage.

Daniel Wathen, Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court 1992-2001

Harley rider detail

Harley rider detail

This large oil portrait of Maine’s Chief Justice Daniel Wathen has a picture of a Harley Davidson rider cleverly concealed in the gleam on one of the chair arms.  A man of great force of character and integrity, who once ran for Governor of Maine,  Wathen is also a colorful character often seen riding a large Harley Davidson.  Christopher Cart’s brushwork astutely captures the complex personality of this larger than life public figure.  The painting hangs in Kennebec County Superior Court.  It is one of two portraits of Wathen by Cart.  The other portrait features the Chief Justice on his Harley.