November 2014

Lucky Stiff

Theater Playbill for Lucky Stiff, a production by Gaslight Theater in the mid 2000’s.


Theater Playbill for Cinderella Enchanted, the musical by Rogers and Hammerstein for a production at Gaslight Theater in Hallowell, Maine in 2011.

Sister, MOther, Lover, Daughter, Friend

An oil for an exhibit about human trafficking.

Passage of Time, a composition

In the ongoing conversation on composition I thought I would dissect this painting, Summer Entourage, a large oil, 52 x 52 inches.  Summer Entourage is about many things, family, friends, summer days of Augusta, and also about the passage of time.

Line drawing of an old mask vendor sitting amongst his wares

Mask Maker

The mask maker sits, camouflaged among his wares. It is interesting to note that his own face is hidden, while he shows us many faces in different states of emotion. Is it just a picture of a craftsman and his