November 2014

Yesterday I spent the day at Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, doing mural research in the photo library.  It was a fascinating day looking through hundreds of vintage photographs.  This kind of research is enjoyable but is also essential for this type of mural. I need to make sure that I am getting details historically accurate.  What does a schooner shipyard of the time look like.  What kind of jobs are going on.  All this is very important.  To the right is a nice clear photo of the tugboat the Seguin.  This tug was built in 1884 and towed schooners

In the ongoing conversation on composition I thought I would dissect this painting, Summer Entourage, a large oil, 52 x 52 inches.  Summer Entourage is about many things, family, friends, summer days of Augusta, and also about the passage of time. Some lyrical moments of summer can seem both timeless and fleeting, beautiful moments, glimpses of magic slipping by and yet eternal.  In the painting you feel the haze will burn off, there is a freshet of breeze picking up; the weather will change. The family is heading up the path, the beach adventure done? or off to new things? we

The mask maker sits, camouflaged among his wares. It is interesting to note that his own face is hidden, while he shows us many faces in different states of emotion. Is it just a picture of a craftsman and his wares, or does it make a comment on the essential isolation and self protective, secretive nature of the human heart and the disguises we give ourselves to present to the various worlds we inhabit? SOLD