July 2016

acrylic on canvas 24 x 47 inches Currently available in Hallowell at 3 page St at the artist's studio gallery. This painting was inspired by the flash of my headlights on a back road in Maine as I was coming home late at night.  I saw a couple at the side of the road for a split second going by. This lingered in my head for years and evolved into this painting.  This small family that I zipped passed is at a crossroads in their life, a big change.  They seem together but perhaps are going to be separated for reasons that life has

Oil on canvas 30 x 37 inches I feel I am a realistic painter, in that I want to paint things that are real.  Things seen and felt.  But to be a realist does not mean to me that every detail has to be rendered in a traditional realistic "one scene" per frame way.  Different things in a painting and a painting's narrative need to be told in different ways. Here I painted the nude with light spilling on her from the window