February 2018

If you are looking for some interesting podcast interviews with artists from around the world you should check out John Dalton's podcasts called Gently Does It. Kudos to John Dalton for all he does. His focus in on talented figurative painters.  There are now over 100 interviews mostly with artists and some curators, the likes of Nick Alm, Vincent Desiderio, Zoey Frank, a discussion with Dr Elaine Melodi Schmidt, the curator of the Venus Visions | Vision of Venus exhibit at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, April 2018.  (I have a piece accepted in this show, btw) It is interesting to compare

Art needs a strange alchemy of several factors.   Imagination, skill, content, vision and perhaps, as some today are saying, empathy.  None of these elements by itself is enough to become Art in CAPS. Imagination won't suffice alone.  Without skill riding shotgun, even the most imaginative idea runs the risk of poor execution, and perhaps wasting that good idea. A loud imagination with no skill is often a naive tantrum. Skill is not enough either.  Mastering paint skills, while important, by itself can merely seem like looking for approbation or proving one's self by some sort of school day gold stars standards. Content, while important, both

Just added my new carpet to my studio--to my wall. I have a nine foot square wall built in my studio that I use for painting, as a permanent easel.  I use it for large mural projects, well, small paintings too, and just pinning up reference drawings and the like..  My studio has slanted ceilings and windows on the end walls, not much in the way of regular bare walls, so this 'easel' wall is partition built in. I've used the wall for a couple years now, just the plywood, but just added the carpet as a great improvement.  I was

I Fear What You Fear oil on canvas, 24 x 30 painting, 26.25 x 32.25 inches framed, 2018 I was invited to paint a piece for the exhibit People on the Move: A Human Crisis, an exhibit about the worldwide refugee crisis at Camden Public Library and Jonathan Frost Gallery, the opening coincided with the Camden Conference in 2018. We watch the news and see flashing images of people having fled their homes.  I think of what horrors would it take for me to pack up my family with the few belongings we could carry and flee my home, my neighbors, my town