About the Mural

About the Mural

You’ve probably heard about the large Hallowell Mural Project , a 700 square foot mural about our city, that mural artist Chris Cart is painting for downtown on the north wall of 89 Water Street.

The Hallowell Mural will be a focus of city pride. We are a small community, seemingly the classic “quiet little town on the bend in the river.” However, Hallowell’s history tells a different story of importance in the forming of our nation and state.

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Chris Cart | mural artist

“He is like our Diego Rivera of Maine”

"The way Cart tells a story with figures is just amazing. We've been following his work for many, many years and it has been a joy to see him evolve as a master mural painter."

People from Hallowell were closely connected to the founding fathers. Granite from our hills was used to build grand buildings and monuments from New York to Chicago. In days of sail, Hallowell was a major seaport between resources along the Coos Trail as far inland as New Hampshire and the ports of the rest of the world.

Decades ahead of the times, Hallowell has been a peaceful haven for the LGBTQ community. Recently the City Council declared us officially a “Welcoming City”.

Today Hallowell is becoming a center for the arts with music, art, theater and festivals. The mural is weaving all of these stories together and will be a landmark welcome people to the city, for many decades to come.

After more than two years of work, with research, design, drawing studies and actual painting, the mural is in its final push to be done early this fall. We are trying to raise another $10,000 to pay for the last expenses and to keep Chris Cart painting over the winter months.

There are plans for a major unveiling in the late spring of 2020 as part of Maine’s 200th birthday celebrations.

Painting is a joy, and, of course, my day to day work, but has also been a refuge.

Chris Cart
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