C Cart

Entertainers Beyond the Sea, a mural by Christopher Cart

8 x 12 foot wall mural, acrylic, 2017

This mural has many unusual characters from the world of the arts.  Artists often live lives a bit out of the box.  Some of the people here are archetypal, some drawn from people in my life, but with my crowd I tried to tell a story of life, joy, music, sadness and hope.   People who have had pain and difficulty at times can see beyond the day to day to things of deeper significance.

My fiddler looks directly at us challenging us to see more.  The woman with the cigar box guitar looks off into her own collection of thoughts.  The mime, a friend of old, has a half painted face, hiding part of his identity, as well as holds a full mask he has removed.  The man holding the woman supports her with the care he gives the bird as well.  The pregnant woman is bringing a life into the world, juggling the spheres of energy, keeping it all going.

There is caring here, and friendship and pain, but they are one troupe together.