Currently I am working on 5 mural projects.  2 murals for the Quarry Taproom, and another 950 square foot mural for downtown Hallowell.  And I am also collaborating with another artist on a 2 mural project for a venue in Washington D.C.

My latest public commission was a new painting for the New Lithgow Library in Augusta, Maine, Stories from the Mezzanine.

I recently completed a new 21 foot mural for Bath, Maine.  The theme is the “Spirit of Bath” which, of course, wraps around the history of shipbuilding in this City of Ships.

In 2015 I finished a mural for the new Capital Judicial Center in Maine’s capital at Augusta.  This 14 x 40-foot mural called Kennebec is a maritime history of the Kennebec River with people, ships, history…lots of drama.  Painting doesn’t get any better.

Over the years I have created many murals.   Working big is having the sky for your canvas.  However, I have also worked very small, illustrating over 30 books and book covers, painting miniatures, carving block prints, drawing etchings and monotypes.  I love making things.

As a young ‘starving artist’, I started out as a sculptor in Guadalajara, Mexico, carving masks, and modeling figures in clay.  But I found the lure of the brush too much to resist.  And the best advice given to me back then by an old artist was, “Draw, draw, draw.”  I have never stopped.

With a pencil or brush in hand I can create worlds within the canvas frame.  The figures are my players and the canvas my stage.   However, I am no fantasy artist.   Reality creates the spark.  My eyes open, I find things that need to be in my paintings.

I have exhibited in galleries and exhibitions in Maine, Seattle and New York City.  As an illustrator I have worked for Hearst Books, William Morrow, Greenwillow Books, Random House and DownEast Books of Maine.  And creating sets and playbills for theater is a thrill.

the-museBorn in Maine, I can claim that much coveted ‘native’ status but in truth I lived away a lot.  My bones are solid New England stock but my blood carries the dusts of years in Mexico…and a bit of rust from the Pacific Northwest as well.

Back in my bohemian days I sold paintings at street shows and at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  Today I enjoy the luxury of having my work in a great gallery, but there is an excitement, a rawness to selling art on the street.

I currently live with my wife and fellow painter, Jen Greta Cart, in Hallowell, Maine.

Painting, for me, is telling stories in pigment. 

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Mike Seitzinger

Hello, Chris – Are any of your Rail Trail prints available (I have one), and, if so, is there a place where they can be seen?
Hope all is well.

Apr 29, 2018
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Painting is a joy, and, of course, my day to day work, but has also been a refuge.

Chris Cart