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Carpet Wall

Just added my new carpet to my studio–to my wall. I have a nine foot square wall built in my studio that I use for painting, as a permanent easel.  I use it for large mural projects, well, small paintings too, and just pinning up reference drawings and the like..  My studio has slanted ceilings and windows on the end walls, not much in the way of regular bare walls, so this ‘easel’ wall is partition built in.

I’ve used the wall for a couple years now, just the plywood, but just added the carpet as a great improvement.  I was listening to one of John Dalton‘s great artist podcasts, this one with Cesar Santos, and he mentioned he had a wall easel as well and he had carpeted his wall to give a bit of cushion to the canvas.  Great idea.  I should have thought of this myself, but, hey, here is a shout out thanks to Cesar for the great tip.

Tested it out yesterday and that really does make the brushes feel so much nicer.

March 10 – Update: The carpet on the wall is fabulous.  Gives a nice cushion for the brushes and makes scraping the canvas so much better.  Highly recommend a carpeted wall for painting large pieces.