egg tempera

This egg tempera nude of two women sharing a deeply personal conversation on a beach in Maine glows with a light that seems to come from a beloved memory.  The colors are lushly pretty and the young women's faces and bodies are suffused with a tender innocence. "August 12" will remain in the collection of the artist's wife, Jen.  A reproduction is available in our print shop.  

Veranda, 24 x 24inches, egg emulsion, Sold Egg tempera can have a rawness if the paint is left so, not fully rendered.  At times I like to leave the brushwork with this rawness as I feel it adds energy to a piece.  If a painting is too polished and completed it is all done and a viewer doesn't get engaged.  

This painting was inspired by the rooftop gardens at my gallery in Rockland. A beautiful space, the Muir Gardens. But really that was only a launch of an idea. These sculptures are only 'real' within this painting. They all are parts in a story. Players on this stage, if you will, acting out a cycle of a life.

A simple conversation at the beach.  *Egg/oil emulsion on panel.  19.5 x 24 inches In the collection of the artist's wife. I really like the choppiness of the brushwork. While it may be tempting to smooth and render everything in, in this case I wanted the fractured brushwork to add to the heat and color movement of the day.  I like the look of paint, when paint creates illusion but also lives on its own as brushstrokes to see. I took great care to design the composition of this piece.  The boxiness of the arms and legs in a figure eight flow, and