dreams of flying

Sometimes just playing with dark lines on white paper is the best.  It feels like magic when you take a blank page and with a few spare lines you tell a full story.  …and for now back to the brushes, with color and texture and shadow and ….seeya

Sleeping Woman

ink on Arches watercolor hot pressed paper, 8 x 10 inches There is something about playing with simple lines on white paper.

Mask Maker

Line drawing of an old mask vendor sitting amongst his wares

The mask maker sits, camouflaged among his wares. It is interesting to note that his own face is hidden, while he shows us many faces in different states of emotion. Is it just a picture of a craftsman and his wares, or does it make a comment on the essential isolation and self protective, secretive […]


This deceptively simple ink line drawing of bathers frolicking in the surf has a clarity of line reminiscent of figures on ancient Greek pottery.  Arms akimbo, the figures celebrate the waves almost as though raising invisible offerings in their play.  

The Sculptor’s Table

A sculptor in his studio with statue and tools

The ink line drawing, “The Sculptor’s Table” is a look at the interior of a sculptor’s small studio.  We see him in an introspective moment.  The scene is ambiguous, as we can’t really say if he is envisioning his next project, or perhaps lost in a moment of sadness.  The outside window is close by, […]

Women at an Art Show

Line drawing of two women in summer dresses at an art museum

An original ink drawing of two women at an art show—their attire, and their graceful poses part of the assembled art.   art size: 17 x 21 inches I wanted a feeling of the summer day at an exhibit at the Metropolitan.  The entire environment was beautiful—it was impossible to separate art from viewers— they were […]