I Fear What You Fear oil on canvas, 24 x 30 painting, 26.25 x 32.25 inches framed, 2018 I was invited to paint a piece for the exhibit People on the Move: A Human Crisis, an exhibit about the worldwide refugee crisis at Camden Public Library and Jonathan Frost Gallery, the opening coincided with the Camden Conference in 2018. We watch the news and see flashing images of people having fled their homes.  I think of what horrors would it take for me to pack up my family with the few belongings we could carry and flee my home, my neighbors, my town

Entertainers Beyond the Sea, 8 x 12 foot wall mural, acrylic, 2017

This mural has many unusual characters from the world of the arts.  Artists often live lives a bit out of the box.  Some of the people here are archetypal, some drawn from people in my life, but with my crowd I tried to tell a story of life, joy, music, sadness and hope.   People who have had pain and difficulty at times can see beyond the day to day to things of deeper significance.

Between Stone and Sky, oil on canvas, 17 x 50 The islands of Maine in summer are special places.  The rocky ledges thrust out of the water from the bedrock below.  There are days when we can feel truly part of the wind, earth and sky.  With this painting I wanted to show the rhythm, the vibration of the day, the life as it infuses the woman on this island.

Oil on Canvas, 52 x 52 inches A band of artists and performers roam the dunes of Maine at Popham. I am inspired by my friends and family, who often form a tight knit band of explorers. Maine's summer days at the beach can have this slow light that seems to fill everything it touches, even the air seems stuffed with sea light.  I paint dancers a lot, often in their off times, not performing but rehearsing, stretching or here my troupe is just walking a paced measured walk dance of the slow type of Maine summer day. It made me very happy

"Shooting Star" a new painting.  A couple dancing on a Maine beach under the starry sky. oil on canvas 52 x 48 inches Jen and I dance a lot.  At our beach vacation we like to practice our dance on the open spaces of the beach.  This is "us" but not strictly in a portrait sense, in spirit.  Dancing is magic and I wanted to paint what it feels like more than what it looks like.