This is an oil painting included in the Transforming Viiolence show at the Harlow gallery. an exhibit against domestic abuse. (I recently completely reworked and further developed the painting.  So this is the new version. oil on canvas and weathered window frame. 52 x 31 inches, 2018

"Act II" showcases the idiosyncratic beauty of the singer/actress as she awaits the beginning of Act II in the wings, conserving her energy in the quiet of backstage, for the soon to return audience. Her pose, loose limbed and not particularly ladylike, is at interesting odds with the fluff and feather of her 1950s costume, which gives the painting its nickname, "Red Dress."

The oil painting "Koi Pond" was inspired by the pond at the Botanical Gardens in Barbados.  I was entranced by the graceful orange and gold fish darting through the shadowed water, but I wanted a woman's profile and orange hair in the picture.  This posed an interesting challenge in perspective and composition. This one lurked in my head and drawing pad  for 2 1/2 years.  I finally decided to bend the perspective to allow the abstract quality of the pond to take precedence.   I  gave over most of the canvas to the flat plane of the pond and forced the

We were all rushing around getting ready to head into the city for an evening of gallery openings in Soho.  I was caught by the color and pattern of my friend and her setting here putting on the finishing touches to her cool outfit and makeup. Her punk hair and makeup she is applying, and her black corset dress contrast with the childlike pose of her feet.  The patterns made by her clothing and the bathroom tiles and rug fascinated me and contrasted with the loneliness of the other somewhat spare looking rooms. Also available as a reproduction in our print shop.