One of my explorations of life backstage, Entr'acte captures the self absorption of actors preparing themselves to go on before the curtain.  The foreground figure my wife, a talented actress, garbed in a wasp waisted 1950s dress, applies makeup as other actresses strain to catch a glimpse in a crowed off canvas mirror.  An actor gazes down in introspection, lost in his mental preparation in the middle of the crowded dressing room.  At the far left, we see the red hat and dress of  the actress portrayed in "Act II." Contact me to inquire about purchase.    

The Maine Contra Dance move called the Gypsy has an intensity captured in "Moondance."  The cool mysterious light of a summer evening with an early moon matches the sensuality of the dancers as their bodies become one with the music and the night.  "Moondance" is sold to a private collection, but is available as a print in our print shop.  

Veranda, 24 x 24inches, egg emulsion, Sold Egg tempera can have a rawness if the paint is left so, not fully rendered.  At times I like to leave the brushwork with this rawness as I feel it adds energy to a piece.  If a painting is too polished and completed it is all done and a viewer doesn't get engaged.  

A simple conversation at the beach.  *Egg/oil emulsion on panel.  19.5 x 24 inches In the collection of the artist's wife. I really like the choppiness of the brushwork. While it may be tempting to smooth and render everything in, in this case I wanted the fractured brushwork to add to the heat and color movement of the day.  I like the look of paint, when paint creates illusion but also lives on its own as brushstrokes to see. I took great care to design the composition of this piece.  The boxiness of the arms and legs in a figure eight flow, and