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Pride Weekend

A Poster for the first Pride Weekend Celebrations in Hallowell, Maine.

Hallowell Fireman Saves Superman

Fireman Saves Superman

This is a poster design for the Jesse Tozier Fundraiser to help Jesse when he donates a kidney to Scott Baker.

Hallowell Woodstock 2017

this is the poster designed for the 2017 Hallowell Woodstock Revival Festival, with live music and arts and artisan fair.

Playbill design for Promises, Promises

Playbill designed for Gaslight Theater’s production of Promises, Promises.


A theater playbill design for Gaslight Theater in Hallowell, Maine for the play Picnic.

Picnic is a 1953 play by William Inge. The play was premiered at the Music Box Theatre, Broadway, on 19 February 1953 in a Theatre Guild production, directed by Joshua Logan, which ran for 477 performances.

2nd Annual Woodstock Revival

Poster and t-shirt design for the Second Annual Woodstock Revival in Hallowell, Maine.  A great event with tons of great art, music and dancing.

Superman is Down!

A poster designed for a benefit for Scott Baker at the Quarry taproom in Hallowell, Maine.

Woodstock Revival

Poster and t-shirt design for Hallowell’s first Annual Woodstock Revival Music and Art Festival.

Murder on the Nile

Playbill design for Gaslight Theater Production of Murder on the Nile, a play by Agatha Christie in Hallowell, Maine.

The Bat

This is artwork I design for a cast thank you card for a theater production of the play The Bat.

The Bat is a Broadway play by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood first produced in 1920. The plot relates how wealthy spinster Cornelia Van Gorder and her guests uncover a mystery at their rented summer home while being stalked by an enigmatic, costumed criminal known as “The Bat”.


Poster designed for art show “Artists Confront Trafficking”, 2014

Black & White Ball

A poster designed for the Black & White Ball sponsored by the Harlow gallery for their 50th anniversary.

Adobe User Group Poster

A poster designed for our Adobe user Group.

Old Hallowell Day Poster 2015

OHD-poster-2015-ChrisCartThis year I was asked to create the poster art for our annual Old Hallowell Day festival.  I hope this painting captures the true spirit of Hallowell and the day.

You can buy a signed poster here for $28.  Or locally for $20.  (the 8 covers my cost for shipping and mailing tube.  Thanks)

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Lucky Stiff

Theater Playbill for Lucky Stiff, a production by Gaslight Theater in the mid 2000’s.


Theater Playbill for Cinderella Enchanted, the musical by Rogers and Hammerstein for a production at Gaslight Theater in Hallowell, Maine in 2011.

Halloween Parade Poster

A new poster designed for the Hallowell Board of Trade to advertise the fabulous 2014 Hallowell Halloween Parade.

Morning’s at Seven

Playbill and program cover for a production of Morning’s at Seven, a comedy by Paul Osborn.