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Ghost Story Bookcover

This is another bookcover illustration, watercolor on paper. This one for a book of seacoast ghost stories.


This deceptively simple ink line drawing of bathers frolicking in the surf has a clarity of line reminiscent of figures on ancient Greek pottery.  Arms akimbo, the figures celebrate the waves almost as though raising invisible offerings in their play.

Mural Plan for the Kennebec County Courthouse

The finished full color mural will be called “The River Road” and will be a journey through time and travel on the river.  It will be 14 x 30 feet, and will feature boats and people of the Kennebec.  For

Halloween Parade Poster

A new poster designed for the Hallowell Board of Trade to advertise the fabulous 2014 Hallowell Halloween Parade.

Romantic nude oil painting of two young women in conversation

August 12

This egg tempera nude of two women sharing a deeply personal conversation on a beach in Maine glows with a light that seems to come from a beloved memory.  The colors are lushly pretty and the young women’s faces and

Harbor Square Gallery Featured Artist

Rockland, Maine gallery Harbor Square is situated next to the Farnsworth Art Museum in the heart of Rockland's busy gallery district.  Its compelling roster of artists include Imero Gobbato,  Serge Hollerbach, Leo Osborne and Cabot Lyford.  The Muir Garden For Contemporary Sculpture

A Country Composition

Last night I was talking with an artist friend about composition. This is one aspect of painting craft that will ever be a creative challenge and a joy. Take for example, a recent illustration, the narrative directs the composition and this

nude study

a study on toned paper with pencil and conte for the Dances with Two Cultures Mural in Brunswick, Maine.

Mermaid, 2005

A mermaid floats, weightless yet taut, amid the glory of her hair and her beloved ocean waters.  “Mermaid” is rendered in graphite and conté pencil on toned paper.In private collection.  Giclée reproduction available in our print shop.

mural study

a study for the 32 foot mural, Dance of Two Cultures in Brunswick Maine

byte the muse, Sept 2013

a poster for an Adobe User Group meeting

Morning’s at Seven

Playbill and program cover for a production of Morning’s at Seven, a comedy by Paul Osborn.

Watercolor illustration of a spooky fall churchyard in Maine

November Churchyard

This atmospheric watercolor of a Maine churchyard by Christopher Cart was originally a cover illustration for a book about hauntings in Maine by DownEast Books.  It is a beautiful painting in its own right.  It gives us that feeling of

portrait of a young activist on the stairs in the Maine State House

Portrait of Laura

Oil portrait of a Maine activist.  The subject stands on a staircase in the Maine State House.  Her beautiful  youthful face is in contrast to her working attire and the hard surfaces of her surroundings.    The butterflies which have

Memoirs of a Common Man

Memoirs of a Common Man One day you wake, a silent quake your path’s compass turn a new day is stuck to a limitless line, when young someday, one day you find, a new day is one day gone.

The Muse

This is a watercolor on paper of a girl I saw at an exhibit in New York.  She was as much a vision as anything in the show.  Andrew Wyeth saw this painting a number of years back at a

paintings fall into place

When we begin the process to create a new painting we sometimes have the illusion an idea could be expressed in many ways.  And of course, in reality, this is true.  However, as the painting develops it becomes clear that

Art Generations

We too often seem to think of the art world as an evolutionary process…one phase evolving into the more advanced phase. The problem with this idea is that it leads to pinnacles, which by their very nature are dead ends.


A couple of studies for a new painting in the works. This is one from my backstage/theatrical series. The backstage environment is such an intriguing space.