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Wayne Thiebaud

A very good tribute to one of our good ones.

snapshots, novels, tone poems

Some paintings or pieces of art are snapshots–one thought, one impression, one gesture, that you want to capture, bam, on a page. I think this is where the monotypes come from. They are things I see, in my head or

“Sculpture Garden”

This painting was inspired by the rooftop gardens at my gallery in Rockland. A beautiful space, the Muir Gardens. But really that was only a launch of an idea. These sculptures are only ‘real’ within this painting. They all are

100 Embraces #5

One monotype in the 100 Embraces series. monotype on paper 7 x 7 inches, image size $250, matted


Recently, I had a student question the idea that artists really build paintings upon complex substructures, assuming that artists are actually just painting the inspiration, conferring with the muse until it looks good. Well, um, that would be a truly

model time

I am really enjoying these drawing sessions. No worries or obligations other than drawing.


This is a painting that was ‘finished’ last summer. And yet this week while this piece was back in the studio I dug back in. I didn’t think this painting was telling the right story…or rather wasn’t telling the story


a few more things from the sketchpad. Sometimes I look through older drawing pads to spark an idea or see a figure I may have forgotten.

drawing session

…a few sketches from a recent drawing session. Some good, some not but doing this is important to keep the hand in. This drawing wasn’t so bad but it is the little sketch in the corner I feel captured more


just for curiosity sake, here is the playbill/poster I designed for the production of Bells are Ringing.  Had a great time with this zany bunch.  Yours truly, the silhouette down in the lower right. and a bit of the backdrop.


just a quick sketch of a model from the other day.  It is very important to keep my hand in everyday or I can really get a flabby hand.  A lot of the studio day is of necessity taken up

Oil Portrait of Judy Wathen, commissioned by Daniel Wathen

Oil Portrait – Judy Wathen

Oil Portrait of Judy Wathen, commissioned by her husband, Daniel Wathen.  The artist captures her elegant toughness perfectly.  Her stance is alert, composed yet ready to react.  The glint of light on her wedding ring ensures that we notice it,

Study for Amigas

study for “Amigas” graphite and conté on toned paper Before I paint I do tons of studies on paper and canvas.


Stumbled over this site… the Wooster Collective.  An interesting collection of graffiti from around the world.  There seem to be a lot of powerful artists devoting themselves to walls.

Mural website

The launch of my own new website was followed close on the heels by the new website designed for the Brunswick mural. m2The site is :