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Courthouse mural progress

The Kennebec County Courthouse mural is progressing swiftly.  About two and a half weeks of actual work on the wall…following months of research and studies…and the mural is flying along.  12 hour days with brushes will do the trick.

seamenHere my seamen in the rigging are going in well above the doorway.  Couldn’t work on them most of last week as they were moving in office equipment into the adjoining rooms and needed this doorway.  For some reason they didn’t want me hanging around on a ladder right in that doorway.

The middle seaman is looking a bit more piratical than I intended.  He looked good on the sketch pad but up on the wall, larger than life, he is a bit too swarthy.  So I will give him a shave on Monday.

Here are a couple of dock workers just started in one section.  Happy with the light coming in, peeling things out of the shadows. (the grid is from the initial enlargement from the studio rendering.)

dock-workersand a few more figures on the busy dock…these obviously show early stages but I like the energy at this point.  These early stages of paint have to have the right life, spirit.  If these stages are dead then no amount of polish and detail will hold a chance of resuscitation.