Dance of Two Cultures Mural – Brunswick, ME

8 x 32 feet, 11 Pleasant Street. Brunswick, Maine

The Brunswick-Trinidad Sister City Association, sponsored this mural in Brunswick, Maine, celebrating Brunswick’s friendship with Trinidad, Cuba. Joshua Chamberlain, Henry Longfellow, James Bowdoin, José Marti, Harriet Beecher Stowe are among the 50 Mainers and Cubans represented in the joyful throng dancing through the painting.  The mural measures 8 x 32 feet and is located at 11 Pleasant Street, Brunswick.

The Mural was finished and hung in 2008. I had 4 indispensable assistants for this mural.  Jen, my wife, is a constant aid in these big mural projects.  Here she was a model, a huge help enlarging and transferring the initial drawings and most importantly she plied her brush skills painting many of the detail sections of the wall, including a lot of the “artwork” included in the piece.  Without the brains and skills of Ernest (Bev) Bevilacqua and Dan Atkins we would not have had a wall to hang the mural on.  Their brilliant plans and skills in construction were key.   And finally I need to thank Susan Weems who launched this project and called me to paint it, and who kept us all going throughout the long process of creating a mural.