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Flash it up a bit!

Adding flash animations to your site can add just the right touch of motion and interaction for your clients.  One of our clients, Maine’s most beautiful art space, Harbor Square Gallery, needed their original logo of the nautilus shell animated with a tree to symbolize the addition of their sculpture gardens to the rooftop of their gallery. This was an interesting project, recreating the nautilus shell and then letting the golden tree grow out of the spiral.

And the ever delightful Betty at Forest-Mathieus Driving School let us go to town and just have fun with the character in her convertible.  This is an on-going project with more being added to the road scene throughout the year.   We are thinking a moose may wander in fairly soon.  ‘Course we have to finish the rain shower first….and then the urban scene…and…

Another site that was fun to develop was the Not Tea Company.  WARNING: if you are an ultra-right conservative with little sense of humor please do not venture there…unless you want to play with our fun flash menu system. This site is full of stuff, some might say ‘full of it’ and in our fair democracy that is their fine right, but anyway the site is full of articles and useful bits of counter information…just in case you are only sitting with Fox news on.

Oh, wait, almost forgot to mention the ROCK.  This was a temporary splash page we build for Carbon 14, the band.  The ROCK is no longer there but it was kind of cool anyway.  You can see it here.

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