g-Blu, a.k.a. gipsyBlue, a.k.a., gitanoBlue

Spending my days making beautiful things…it doesn’t get any better. 

g-Blu began designing web sites as gipsyBlue, back in the early part of this new century. We are a small company founded on the belief that a handful of talented people can design wonders with cutting edge web technologies. Since our launch we have found a demand for beauty from our clients and they are right. The only way to stand out on the web is by distinctive design.

Our belief is that the world needs more beauty and we settle for nothing less with our web design work. Our strength lies in using our real world art talents in conjunction with our knowledge of the ever-evolving web technologies to create sites of function and beauty. g-blu designs are built from the code up. As a real world painting needs to be crafted on good canvas with top quality pigments and mediums, a beautiful web site needs to be built on a foundation of solid code.


We are located in Hallowell, Maine but with the wonders of the internet age our clients are as far afield as Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas.

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