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Hallowell History Mural

detail from mural in Augusta Capital Judicial Center

The history mural has begun!

I am designing and painting a new history mural for my home town of Hallowell, Maine.  This is going to be 38 x 30 feet on an exterior wall at the north entrance to town.  Chris Vallee has donated the north wall of his real estate building on 89 Water St.

The mural will tell the history of Hallowell, from the founding in the mid 1700’s onward.  Our town built ships, cut timber, carved granite from our hills for great buildings and monuments of the young nation and had a thriving mill industry, making everything from sandpaper to shoes—all this I will paint into our mural.  Important early settlers, native tribes of pre-western history, key townspeople, stone carvers—all will find a place in the mural.

The wall will be a multifaccetted scene of the many years interwoven into one design.

Focus on the Arts

Hallowell is building a future in the Arts, so I will push the paint into the vision for our future as a mid Maine arts center.

We will starting a crowd funding campaign to help fund the mural.  This will pay materials and supplies—and pay me for the many months of work involved.  I will be researching the key points of history, working with Sam Webber and other local historians.  I have begun the early stage of design and will be posting images as the project develops.

Drop me a note if you have things to include—or if you would like to contribute to the project.  Here are some of my other recent murals:  Kennebec at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta, Maine; City of Ships in Bath, Maine; and Entertainers, Beyond the Sea, a mural for a private residence in Hallowell,