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Hallowell Mural 2019

mural sketch
mural sketch
A comp sketch from a month or more ago–the design has evolved since.

This year and a half since I started working on the big Hallowell Mural Project, I have learned much about our town on the river, many fascinating bits and pieces of our history, parts of the various stories that have made our community. I have drawn dozens upon dozens of scenes and people, ships, granite carvers, mill workers, and still drawing. Bigs scenes and little.

I’ve been off the public mural radar for several weeks. Had to finish a few jobs—to keep the bills paid—and a couple of personal things knocked me back bit.

And in the meantime, on my sketch pad I have been weaving all the disparate bits of Hallowell together. We didn’t just show up here in this 21st century on the river. Our town is the result of these centuries of journey, step by step by step to get us here as a kind, talented and welcoming community.

This is the story I am building into the mural—what got us here. I am a bit behind where I had hoped but it is only in the interest of having this be the best possible mural I can create.

I am starting this mural daily blog on my website to keep you all apprised of progress. The next 2 months will be the fascinating time as the 800 square feet of wall come together. Cheers.