Hallowell Mural: Paint Test

This is a color study of one of the figures who might go in the mural, but more importantly, he is my paint and canvas test to see how the materials will hold up on the wall.

The method I am using for this mural was developed by the Philadelphia Mural Arts program, for their, literally, thousands of exterior murals.

It is called the Polytap Method, or sometimes the parachute cloth method,. It uses a super tough non-woven fabric called Polytab. And when you paint on it with exterior rated acrylic paints is creates an indestructible surface.

I painted this sample to test it anyway, because it is always good to run your own tests of materials you use.

This sample has been out in sun, rain and subjected to freezing temps. And I have been abusing the canvas too–wrenching it around to make sure the paint holds up.

Looks just wonderful. This mural will be up for decades without even a blemish.