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We take great pride in finding unique and creative solutions to design projects. Using our artist skills we can draw, paint, create any unique thing you need for your event, product, branding or website.

ILLUSTRATION: Chris has been illustrating books and publications since 1987
PLAYBILL & SET DESIGN: theater posters and sets for years
BOOK DESIGN: gBlu Design has designed many beautiful art books
WEB DESIGN:  artistic site design & work for state government, non-profits, business.

One major recent project is a mural commission for the new Capital Judicial Center, in Maine’s capital city, Augusta.  More an art project but even so these are the skills we bring to yoru project as well.  The the mural here.

one of our projects


[apollo13_shortcode_structural_data label_title=”1″ label_subtitle=”1″ data_lead=”1″ data_content=”1″ values=”Book Illustration|1987 – Current|Published by|Randon House, William Morrow, DownEast Books, Harpor Collins, Greenwillow Books,Some publications|2000 – Current|Illustrations|Shooting Sprotsman, DownEast Magazine, Institute for Global Ethics,Frugal Gourmet Cookbook Series|1987 – 1993|Illustrator|hundreds of illustrations for best selling cookbook series. William Morrow & Co.,Theater Playbill design|2001 – Current|Artist-illustrator|Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Bells are Ringing, Promises Promises, Cinderella, many more,Adobe User Group|2004 – 2015|Manager|Byte the Muse, User Group, Maine”]

sample Projects

[apollo13_shortcode_structural_data label_title=”1″ label_subtitle=”1″ data_lead=”1″ data_content=”1″ values=”Old Hallowell Day|Hallowell, ME|2001, 2012, 13, 14, 15|Event Poster Design,Shooting Sportsman|Camden, Maine|2014|2-page spread illustration,HABOT|Hallowell|2015|Poster Design, Woodstock Revival Festival,Capital Judicial Center|Augsta ME|2015|14 x 40 foot mural,Quarry Taproom|Hallowell|2015|6 x 8 foot mural,Dwellings, homes of Hallowell|RowHouse INC.|2011|book design,CSA ART|Harlow Gallery|2011|book design”]

Design Skills

Wordpress 100%
CSS3 & HTML5 95%
WooCommerce 75%
PHP 75%
JavaScript 55%
Quickbooks Integration 45%
MySQL database 55%

Programming Skills

Ruby 85%
JavaScript 55%
Python 35%

Language Skills

At g-Blu we are in Maine and, needless to say, we speak English.  And as well as being able to talk art, we can also talk tech.


And Chris lived in Mexico for 7 years, so he is fairly fluent in Spanish…he has been told he sounds like a native tapatio.






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Working from Hallowell and on the road with clients as far afield as Seattle, Sarasota, and Denver…and a lot of local businesses too.

P:  207.607.9830

E:  design@gipsyblue.com

3 Page Street
Hallowell, Maine 04347
United States


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Painting is a joy, and, of course, my day to day work, but has also been a refuge.

Chris Cart
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