I Fear What You Fear

I Fear What You Fear

I Fear What You Fear
oil on canvas, 24 x 30 painting, 26.25 x 32.25 inches framed, 2018

I was invited to paint a piece for the exhibit People on the Move: A Human Crisis, an exhibit about the worldwide refugee crisis at Camden Public Library and Jonathan Frost Gallery, the opening coincided with the Camden Conference in 2018.

We watch the news and see flashing images of people having fled their homes.  I think of what horrors would it take for me to pack up my family with the few belongings we could carry and flee my home, my neighbors, my town and head into the unknown.  What would make me leave?   People the world over don’t leave their homes easily.

With this piece I wanted to bring identity to one woman running from her home.  One pose wasn’t enough to tell the story of her strife filled journey so I painted her moving, overlapped one moment flowing to the next.  I feel the necklace I painted in last humanized her, made her not just another anonymous face in a news reel.


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Painting is a joy, and, of course, my day to day work, but has also been a refuge.

Chris Cart
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