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Logger for Courthouse Mural

loggerFor my Kennebec County Courthouse mural I have been finding models all over the place.  After lots of research about logging in Maine I had narrowed down the type of pose I wanted.  This taught me the tools and how they were used.  How the men moved and pried logs, and maneuvered logs in various currents.  So I worked up a dynamic posed I liked but then I needed a model.

Then doing a bit of shopping in the grocery store I found him.  A great guy, a great face, and a good model who fell right into the right pose.  This is a man who has done a lot of outdoor work and it makes a difference in the posing.  People who have done physical labor can pose much more naturally than trying to pose someone in a more sedentary job.

Here is an interesting old film about logging I found on youtube.  From stump to ship: A 1930 logging film