Modern Sites

Tools for Design

Whoohoo! HTML 5 and CSS3 are here! About blasted time.

Modern websites are richer and much more flexible than the simple HTML sites of old. A handful of years back, webdesigners had to force the essentially style-devoid HTML to do many convoluted tricks. We had to hack, stretch, pad and alas, finally, compromise on the lush design. However, the static web page is a thing of the past.

  • HTML 5 + CSS3 for cutting edge design options
  • XHTML for content
  • CSS for style
  • PHP for flexibility in design and function
  • Javascript, jQuery for functionality

Today g-Blu creates beautiful sites full of content, richly styled with CSS and spun through Javascript, AJAX, PHP to add great functionality. Web pages are created on the fly, dynamically, fetching new content at runtime. This makes the job of design a joy and for you means no more compromise on beauty.

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