Christopher Cart

Dance of Two Cultures Mural – Brunswick, ME

The Brunswick-Trinidad Sister City Association,sponsored this mural in Brunswick, Maine,  celebrating Brunswick’s friendship with Trinidad, Cuba. Joshua Chamberlain, Henry Longfellow, James Bowdoin, José Marti, Harriet Beecher Stowe are among the 50 Mainers and Cubans represented in the joyful throng dancing through the painting.  The mural measures 8 x 32 feet and is located at 11 Pleasant Street.

The Mural was finished and hung in 2008. At this writing in 2014, the Brunswick-Trinidad Sister City Association is considering plans to move it to a more central location on Maine Street. This will be a large undertaking necessitating fund raising and careful engineering, since the mural cannot be removed from its supporting aluminum panels. The original engineers Ernest (Bev) Bevilacqua and Dan Atkins are considering various methods, including the use of a crane.