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    1. Just saw your note from last September about a painting of mine of a woman sleeping on a beach. I think you might mean my painting, Schooner Days, which is of my wife asleep on the beach when she was pregnant with our son. I do have a print of that. I have the original offset lithograph print for $35 and I also have a fine are giclee print on archival paper with archival pigmented inks for $125.

      Hope you and yours are all safe and healthy in these difficult days. Cordially, Chris

  1. Would you happen to know about a bank mural artist of the 1950s who was somewhat legendary around he Kennebunk area? Just looking for his name. We have a painting by him. He painted very seldom, his main thing was the murals. Thank you.

  2. I’m feeling particularly outraged this morning after reading the article in today’s paper regarding the theft of George Floyd Black Lives Matter signs which you so beautifully designed. Your work in bringing social awareness of the ugly face of racism that continues to plague our country is timely and much appreciated. I too want to lock arms with my neighbors in the fight against bigotry and hate by displaying your sign in our yard. Would you kindly advise me how I can purchase a sign. Warm regards to you and your family.