Judgement Call

Christopher Cart Oil Painting of his daughter, a lone hiker, making a judgement call about whether or not to travel onward high in the Maine mountains.
Oil Painting, Hiker on Approach to Knife Edge, Baxter State Park

Notes from the gallery catalog…so basically, yeah, this is a painting of my intrepid daughter and let’s go with what they said:

“The grandeur of Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine fills Judgement Call, one of Christopher Cart’s most dramatic paintings.  It is also a revealing portrait of his daughter, Katherine.  She is pictured here making what, in these mountains, can be a life or death decision – whether to continue on or retreat before dangerous weather.  The abstract teal and purple shapes of the cloud formations add movement above the menacing bulk of Katahdin in the background.  The intrepid young woman’s dark clothing helps to make her seem attuned to the bleak environment, and her taut, considering pose and facial expression show a young woman evaluating an adversary.”

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