reviewing anatomy

reviewing anatomy

While I am not a strict anatomistI am perfectly happy to distort the human form if it fits my painting ideaI do, however, love the study of the human form.  Changing the human form to fit my paintings is important.  Nevertheless, it is very useful to go back and draw some muscles and bones.  I like the review; I like the peaceful study of the body; and it is helpful in my paintings, even those paintings where I freely twist and shape.

I study on my own.  There weren’t really anatomy classes in either of the art colleges I attended, back in the day.

This is just a quick sketch refresher of the front and back muscle groups—just to keep them in mind properly. These are small sketches, roughly 7 x 8 inches.

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Virginia Leman

Great pics of muscles. I took A. & P. 2 yrs. in college & loved studying it.

Mar 11, 2018
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Chris Cart
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