Christopher Cart
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Hallowell, ME 04347
Lyn DonovanCoastal Maine Art Workshops
P.O. Box 845
Camden, ME 04843
Dec 12, 2020
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Dec 26, 2020
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  1. Service

    10/31 Set up 2021 workshop Registration form, with titles, instructors and pricing, and secondary conditional boxes for BALANCE DUE dates.

  2. 10/31 -11/1 (NOT Billed) Major changes needed to site theme code because of PHP and JS conflicts after infrastructure, WordPress and PHP updates. Needed to rewrite PHP code for: workshop templates, Workshop widget, Homepage template. And needed to disable JS in core parent theme, child theme and workshop widget. Disabled and removed unmercenary site functions to avoid other conflicts. 11.5 + hours

  3. 11/5/2020 Updated prices on 2021 registration form and then due to changes, reset the conditional panels for Balance Due pop up.

  4. Complete rebuild of website using WordPress “Purity” theme as core parent theme. Built child theme to include elements and functions of origianl site to maintain look and function:
    added custom sidebar for home
    registered same Workshop Post Type
    added custom featured images sizes
    recreated custom metaboxes for the workshop edit page, ie, Workshop Date, Location, etc
    Created custom homepage template for calendar
    Created workshop “loop” to feed into home
    created single workshop page template
    added custom CSS to echo styling on original site.

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Thank you; Let me know what else we can do.


Thanks for payment within 21 days, so we can keep all the critters fed.

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