Mermaid redo

I needed to repaint the mermaid in the Hallowell Mural. So here is a video of the redo. The mermaid is in the mural to reference our very own Slate’s restaurant which burned a number of years ago. And the

Don’t call me a Fascist.

Dear Mr. President, Don’t call me a fascist on this 4th of July. I am an American. People are crying, “Something is wrong. All is not right.” I have listened. You have not. If my black friends and brothers are

Dance backdrop for mural

How can you represent out fine Hallowell without showing music, dance and the arts? I have just begun the arts section and this is part of the larger than life figures that will form the backdrop for the musicians and

Mural updates

Started adding in a few people from our military representing those from our town who served.

Hallowell Mural Website

There is a new website for the Hallowell Mural Project, the 700 square foot mural for downtown Hallowell, Maine. You can see it here:

More Hallowell Mural pics

Here are some more progress photos of other parts of the mural. This older gentleman is Judge Richard Rice. In the 1850’s he and some other ingenious folks built the first steam powered car in Maine–built right here in Hallowell.

Martha Ballard, Hallowell Mural

Martha Ballard was a midwife and caregiver for most of the residents of Hallowell in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. She delivered close to 1000 babies, in a region with a population of only several thousand. She was

Rock on the River 2019

poster design for Hallowell’s 2019 Rock on the River Tuesday night concerts.

Hallowell Woodstock 2019

A poster and t-shirt design for Hallowell’s annual Woodstock music festival.

Another day at the wall

Spent the day refining some of the figures and roughing in a few more. This is Dr. Benjamin Vaughan, a notable patriot, a well read man with a library only rivaled by that of Harvard of the time. Here he

seaman on mural

Hallowell was a major seaport back in the days of sail. Ships and seamen from Hallowell were known in the ports of the world. The upper left of the mural is devoted to the seamen of the area. Here I

Figurehead study, pencil

a Hallowell Mural pencil study from this morning for the figurehead I will be working on today. Captain Drew was a well known sea captain from our bend in the river. As with many men from our town Captain Drew

A quick mural update

Work is progressing well on the Hallowell Mural Project. Had several visitors on yesterday’s open mural studio Thursday. Here are some photos of progress. Some initial block-ins of figures. I am working on the top of the mural—adding in some

a few mural details

Here are a few details of various parts of the Hallowell Mural. I’ve been working on the upper third of the 28 foot (vertical) mural. The upper left will deal with Hallowell’s maritime history—shipping, ship building. And on the upper

Hallowell Mural: Paint Test

This is a color study of one of the figures who might go in the mural, but more importantly, he is my paint and canvas test to see how the materials will hold up on the wall. The method I

priming the mural canvas

Priming the canvas

Yesterday, Jen, ever faithful and super talented mural assistant, started priming my mural canvas at the Firehouse studio. This is not canvas in the normal ‘artist’ canvas sense. This material is super tough, Polytab, which is a non-woven synthetic fabric—tough

video about building the mural temp easel.

Building mural “easel”

I put together this little video time-lapse of our mural efforts yesterday—Jen and I built the temporary wall/easel in the old Hallowell Firehouse–this is the wall that will hold the mural canvas while I work this summer on the Hallowell

Summer Comes Slow This Year

Summer Comes Slow This Year For Bev Bevilacqua Thick coastal grove of pine,limbs twisted, entwined.close kin branches, needles warp and weft,failing, sieve like, send their resin scent. Endless sea breath, holds their perfume tells,rent from futile needled clutches,salt and bay

Firehouse Studio

Exciting day, we started building the mural studio. Yesterday, finally, Jen and I moved all the fascinating stuff in my new, temporary, Firehouse Mural Studio. The City of Hallowell has allowed me to work in the large second floor room

Hallowell Mural, studies

This mural will have over 70 figures, some contemporary, some historical. I have been nailing down poses, stances, finding nuance in the gestures I want. This starts with sketches and scribbles in the drawings pad and moves on to more