What kind of paints to use for outside mural?

mural-2014For my 8 x 32 foot exterior mural, “Dance of Two Cultures” in Brunswick, Maine I used Golden heavy body acrylics.  These paints are wonderful.  This mural is now 6 and a half years old on an exterior, West facing wall in Maine.  There is a small eve at the roof but nothing that shelters this mural in the least.  So this means the paint has been exposed to 6+ years of Maine weather 365 days a year.  The wall bakes hot in the summer and endures typical winter temperatures 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below .  Blizzards, snow flurries, torrential thunderstorms and hot summer suns, Maine weather can be extreme… and the paint shows no signs of fading.

I used a palette of 9 or 10 colors.  Golden has many technical sheets about their products on their site and they rate paints for exterior use.  This palette has the highest light fast ratings, and I can now say I agree completely.

The mural was painted, indoors, over the winter of 2007-08. The paints had rich pigmentation making painting easy and a joy.  Opaques easily painted over contrasting value and colors.

The color is just as rich today as day one six years ago.  Thanks Golden.  And nope, I am not getting paid to say this.  It’s just great paint.