Work in Progress

Here is a detail from a work in progress—an oil called At the Villa Paradiso (edit: the painting is finished now, Villa Paradiso).  Some paintings slam into me, fully fleshed out and only needing to be “transcribed’ to the canvas, so to speak.  Others evolve over time.  This one has been evolving for several years.

This detail is only a small 8 inch portion of a 32 x 40 canvas.

Some artists manage to lock onto a certain signature style and can paint that way for the rest of their days.   This just doesn’t seem to work for me.  My mind wants to try all sorts of things.   I pursue things for a while and then just don’t like being locked in, confined.

This painting is evolving through several phases.  I have been taking photos all along and when and if it is finally complete I will post a series of photos to show the route it took.